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Health, fitness and athleticism came very naturally for Sinjen. He always had a dream of becoming a professional athlete. Having conquered this dream, he now has additional goals to help people, animals, and the envrionment by re-connecting people to all life on Earth. Sinjen is a licensed Professional MMA Fighter, Fight of the Year Award Winner, and 2x Amateur MMA Lightweight Champion. He is a certified personal trainer and board member of the environmental 501-c3 non-profit Green Vibe. With over 12 years of MMA training experience, 7 years teaching MMA, group training and bootcamps, 4 years health coaching and personal training, and 4 years commiting himself to environmental action, Sinjen confidently has the results to mentor people in achieving their health goals.

"Never Give Up!
You can do anything you set your mind to." -Sinjen S

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Never jeopardize your health, this is a moto Zach has lived by his whole life. If your relationship, career, or hobby forces you to neglect your health, a change is necessary. Zach fell in love with all things relating to health and fitness at the early age of 7. With the influence of his parents and their encouragement to participate in team sports, Zach understood his passion. Since then he has made health and fitness a major part of his life. Zach eats, sleeps, and breathes health, successfully bettering himself and others everyday. Zach is a National Collegiate Boxing Champion, Nevada's 2018 Amateur fighter of the year, he has his Bachelors of Science, is a certified personal trainer, and sits on the board of an environmental non-profit.  

"Life is a journey, when we are healthy, truly healthy, we are our most authentic selves"  -Zach S

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Zach and Sinjen Smith are the creators of Regenerative Boxing. The revolutionary therapeutic program designed to assist those living with chronic diseases and early-onset neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease.

These brothers have taken their over 20 years of combined experience in combat sports and created a new philosophy of therapy and active lifestyle maintenance using professional boxing techniques in a way never been used to treat disease before.

One of my best performances and experien

This is an elite photo of Sinjen Smith's professional mixed martial arts debut with Bellator MMA at the age of 21. His time in the gym and in the cage proved to be a true concern for each contender. He went on to win the Fight of the Year later that year with one of the largest organizations on the west coast: The West Coast Fighting Championships. 

Sinjen's passion for MMA was the challenge it offered to perform at an optimal level.

He is currently undefeated as a professional.

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This is a photo of Zach Smith soon before he won the National Collegiate Boxing Championship in 2018. His choice was to stay in College Boxing 1 more year to achieve that goal. His mindset and vision never changed. His intention was to become a National Champion. He did just that with the help of his brother Sinjen Smith and of course the UNR Boxing Team. Later that year Zach was inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame and then graduated from the University Of Nevada Reno with his Bachelors's in Public Health. 

Both fighters became champions in their sports and were both featured on the cover of a top local newspaper with-in their hometown of Reno, Nevada just two years apart from each other.

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