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20-Week Weight Loss Challenge Starting Monday February 6!

Is Your New Years’ Resolution To Sculpt To That Dream Body?

Start 2023 Off On The Right Foot With Our Exclusive 20 Week Challenge

Trim Down To A Healthy Weight, Earn Back Your Investment With Incentive Based Goals To Keep You On Track And Have A Chance To Claim Our $10k Grand Prize



Based on your detailed evaluation, I will create a personalized health plan catered to your needs- whether it is to gain muscle, lose weight, or both, your goal is within reach.


If you achieve your goal before the end of the agreed timeline, you will receive a 25% Reward of the total dollar amount you have invested into this program.

By maintaining your goal for 6 months after achieving your goal, you’ll be entered in a giveaway to win $10,000! Solely competing against 25 other people.

Reserve your spot "NOW" and receive FREE coaching up until the start date.


Just make your first week’s payment and you’ll be enrolled today! After your enrollment, we will strategize to ensure your success in this program the day it starts.

And A Chance To Win Our 10 K Grand Prize


And A Chance To Win Our 10 K Grand Prize

  • How many people are competing to win the $10,000?
    The maximum number of people competing for the 10k will be 25 participants. In order to qualify for the 10k winning, you must achieve your health and fitness goal on or before the 20-week timeline and then maintain your results and or positively improve them for 6 months. If you've successfully completed these steps, you will be entered in the 10k drawing, along with the other people who have successfully completed these steps.
  • Who qualifies for this program?
    Anyone who wants to lose weight and or gain muscle.
  • Will I have time for this program?
    This program is 100% custom and is strategically built to your needs, ensuring you have all the tools to be successful in your journey.

And A Chance To Win Our 10 K Grand Prize

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